ray“Welcome to the future of human potential!”
Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering Google, bestselling author of A Singularity is Near.
 dave“If you aren’t inspired to brain hack your way to the next level, start again at page one.”
David Eagleman, neuroscientist, bestselling author of Incognito.

Rise of Superman represents over fifteen years of dedicated effort to crack the code on flow—pouring through academic journals, interrogating athletes, reviewing hours of tape—all validating the fact that ultimate human performance is a real possibility for all of us.

So read this book to understand the deeper why behind what drives you, and how to become even better by doing more of what you love. And while you’re at it, pick up a few extra copies to press into the hands of doubting spouses, hard-charging bosses, reluctant employees, or under-inspired kids–you’ll be helping them understand the science of the stoke, and helping us spark a revolution in feeling and performing at our best.

We believe in this so much we want to make it easy for you. We’ve convinced the publisher to give you a whopping 45% off the cover price and we’ve put together over $100,000 in bonuses—including performance-enhancing diagnostics, world-class live events and a delicious assortment of swag.

Important Notes – Copies of the book will start shipping March 4. All bonuses will be delivered the week of March 4 (digital) or the week of March 10 (non-book physical goods).
To get these bonuses, it’s a two stage process.
First, go the Rise of Superman page on here. Put as many copies of the book as desired in your shopping cart then enter the promotional code “FLOWHACK” (code can be used only once per customer).
Next, email a copy of your receipt to In the subject line, please include the word “Rise” and the number of books you purchased.
If you purchased 5 books or more please include your physical address so we can ship your swag.
The supplementary bonuses will go out the week of March 4. If you are attending any of the Google Hangouts or group calls or you will receive an email with further instructions closer to the date.
This giveaway lasts until midnight March 3, 2014.

The Flow Hacker Basic

Buy 1 hardback or e-book, Get $65 in bonuses

  • 45% off The Rise of Superman on Because of Amazon’s great pricing, this gives you a copy of the hardcover $14.18, or you can pick up an e-book for $5.99.
  • An exclusive download of Ultimate Human Performance—Episode Five in the Flow Video Series. Five of the world’s top athletes explore how flow lets them perform at incredible levels and literally achieve the impossible. ($15)
  • Access to a Flow Diagnostic. Developed by the Flow Genome Project, this short diagnostic survey helps you identify ways to maximize the amount of flow in your life. ($50)

The Flow Hacker Upgrade

Buy 3 books (hardcover only), Get $290 in bonuses.

  • Access to one of two hour-long exclusive Google Hangouts with Steven Kotler on the subjects of High Performance and Flow in Business. Audience participation is welcome. And if you can’t make the live event, we’ll also provide access to a recorded version. ($200).
  • Flow and High Performance: Steven Kotler is joined by executive director of the Flow Genome Project, Jamie Wheal, professional kite boarder Suzy Mai and high performance psychologist Michael Gervais for a discussion on flow and ultimate human performance. Suzy Mai is one of the most inspirational and decorated female kite boarders in the world, while Michael Gervais is the psychologist for the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, helped coach Felix Baumgartner on his world-record breaking Stratos space dive, and was the consultant to a team of nine US athletes in the 2012 Olympics—six came home with a gold.
  • Flow in Business: Steven Kotler is joined by executive director of the Flow Genome Project, Jamie Wheal; New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, John Hagel; and one of Silicon valley’s top investors, partner at Charles River Ventures and co-founder of MaiTai Global, Bill Tai.
  • Chapter Seven: The Director’s Cut. Originally, there was a huge mountain biking section in Rise of Superman. It was an absolute favorite section, but at editor’s orders, it had to be cut. Preorder 3 books and you’ll get exclusive access to the original draft, with editing notes inside from Jamie Wheal, executive director of the Flow Genome Project, and a short introduction by Steven Kotler. ($25)
  • All of the above bonuses.

The Ninja Special

Buy 5 books (hardcover only), Get $520 in bonuses.

  • Rise of Superman iPhone skins from Travis Rice’s company Asymbol—A $30 value.
  • Access to BOTH of two exclusive Google Hangouts with Steven Kotler on the subjects of Flow and High Performance and Flow in Business. ($400).
  • All of the above bonuses.

The Superman

Buy 10 books (hardcover only), Get $1579 in bonuses.

  • A one-hour group Q&A conference call with Steven Kotler—all your flow questions answered live ($700).
  • A signed copy of photographer Chase Jarvis’ book: The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You. Inspiration and insight from the grandfather of iPhone photography, Chase Jarvis. A great book for creatives seeking flow—a limited edition ($250).
  • Cliff Hucking in Ten Easy Lessons. A classic essay by Steven Kotler, previously only available with the purchase of Skiing the Edge, a best of ski writing collection. The information provides a backstory to the issues covered in The Rise of Superman ($25).
  • Courtesy of Dave Asprey and the great crew at the Bulletproof Executive, the first 20 people to purchase 10 books will receive two bags of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee and one bottle of Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil. The coffee is the result of 10 years hunting the most high performance coffee beans on the planet (no mycotoxins), while the oil is specifically designed to supercharge the brain, giving you better access to peak performance all day long ($83.85).
  • All of the above bonuses.

Superhero Levels:


The Flow Hacker Extreme

Buy 100 books (hardcover only), Get $6579 in bonuses

  • Want to bring massive performance improvement to your company? Well, we’ve got a reward for you. Steven Kotler will do a one hour, one-on-one, video chat with your CEO. The idea here is to explore how flow can be directly applied to your business. Think custom-designed flow hacking tips and overall management strategies. The video will be recorded so it can be shared with all of your employees. ($5000)
  • All of the above bonuses

The Flow Master (limited to 2 winners)

Buy 500 books (hardcover only), Get $14,579 in bonuses

  • A two day trip to Seattle, including hotel, plane, and a ticket plus backstage access to the March 26 chasejarvis LIVE show, featuring Steven Kotler. We’ll also go out for lunch after the show is over. ($8000)
  • All of the above bonuses

The Flow Visionary

Buy 1500 books (hardcover only), Get $51,579 in bonuses

  • Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, executive director of the Flow Genome Project, will spend half a day with your company. We’ll put you through the fundamentals of our Flow to Impact training program, focusing on optimizing your business for maximum flow. In this session, amongst other lessons, you will learn: The top three things in your office that kill flow and how to fix them; the five qualities you need to focus on to hire and engage A players; the three meetings you should put to bed right away and the two you should start having immediately. In the end, we’ll help you raise your ROI on human capital significantly. ($50,000)
  • All of the above bonuses, excluding the trip to Seattle (Chase Jarvis Live) and the one-on-one call.