What Happens When Facebook Decides to Issue Passports?

10 May 2014, Posted by Michael Wharton in Rise

That’s the question Steven poses at the start of his latest Forbes blog. But this is bigger than speculation about travel – it’s about the slow but definite transition of power from nation states to other entities as a matter not of if, but when….

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Flow Gets Into Harvard – The Harvard Business Review, That Is

08 May 2014, Posted by Michael Wharton in Rise

“In all our studies of extreme performance improvement,” says John Hagel, co-founder of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, “the people and organizations who covered the most distance in the shortest time were always the ones who were tapping into passion and finding flow.” To read…

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Google Gets Into Flow

06 May 2014, Posted by Michael Wharton in Rise

Steven flew into San Francisco and headed to the stage at Google Headquarters along with Jamie Wheal, executive director of the Flow Genome Project, to speak about hacking flow and the science of ultimate human performance. Detailed questions from the Googlers in attendance demonstrated some…


A Rise Review by professional photographer Michael Clark

05 May 2014, Posted by Michael Wharton in Rise

“Ever since I was a child I have had a feeling of utter enlightenment when I created something. It didn’t matter if it was a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture. When I knew it was good, my whole being kicked into high gear. My concentration became…


Flow Hits The Pages Of Time

05 May 2014, Posted by Michael Wharton in Rise

In his most recent appearance in Time Magazine, Steven discusses the science of peak human performance. To quote “Unfortunately, even though research in this area holds considerable promise, unless you’re studying toilet bowl dynamics or lubrication theory, “flow” doesn’t sound like a sober scientific topic….


What Are The Seven Characteristics Of Flow?

04 May 2014, Posted by Michael Wharton in Rise

We all know what Flow is – but how does it work? In this episode of the Brainfluence Podcast, Forbes colleague and host Roger Dooley gets granular with Steven about some of the conditions that characterize the flow state. They tackle questions such as: Why…

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Is there any truth to the 10,000 hours of practice rule? Maybe not.

13 Mar 2014, Posted by Patrick Crawford in Rise

The science of high performance is at the core of The Rise of Superman, but we’re hardly the only group tackling the subject. From tiger moms to coddling kids to the magical powers of 10,0000 hours of practice, theories about what creates skill, motivation and…

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Learning to Learn Faster: How Flow Supercharges Learning and Achievement.

03 Mar 2014, Posted by Patrick Crawford in Rise

The final video of The Rise of Superman series celebrates the book’s launch by exploring its core message: Flow is a path that anyone can take toward accelerated learning, increased focus and higher performance. Order The Rise of Superman today at Amazon.com In this episode,…

Explorer Mike Horn


24 Feb 2014, Posted by Patrick Crawford in Rise

Flow is a powerful force for human achievement, but flow states also hide a dark side. The neurochemicals underpinning flow can have the addictive power of drugs, and the drive to achieve these seemingly super-human feats often brings athletes face-to-face with their own mortality. Athletes…