10th mountain division

How WWII’s Flow Junkies Shaped The Outdoor Industry

12 Jan 2014, Posted by Steven Kotler in Rise

It was 1945 and the 10th Mountain Division had a problem. Initially activated in 1941, America’s first specially trained mountain-warfare combat troops began as a collection of the finest skiers, climbers, and general outdoorsmen the army could recruit. Mountaineering legends like Paul Petzoldt (the first American…

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Rise of Superman talks about the f-word on Forbes

10 Jan 2014, Posted by Patrick Crawford in Press, Rise, Uncategorized

Let’s set the record straight right away: THE RISE OF SUPERMAN uses action-sports as a case study for flow, but flow is a much bigger force than sports. Flow reaches music, arts, science, business, and any area where intense focus and near-perfect decision making enable…

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Huffington Post Tackles Flow & Business

09 Dec 2013, Posted by Patrick Crawford in Press, Rise, Uncategorized

This weekend the HuffingtonPost dedicated its ongoing TED Weekends section to business leadership. In each installment, the site invites writers to tackle subjects that have been addressed in famous TED talks.


The Rise of Superman Official Trailer

24 Nov 2013, Posted by Patrick Crawford in Rise

Over the past 30 years, skiers, snowboarders, surfers and other action sports athletes have pushed human performance farther and faster than at any other point in the 150,000-year history of our species.Think of some of the mind-blowing milestones in the last decade: Danny Way jumps the…


A Few Thoughts On “Superman”

06 Nov 2013, Posted by Steven Kotler in Rise

Sure, this book is called THE RISE OF SUPERMAN, but I’m not talking about a guy in a cape who’s allergic to kryptonite. The idea here is much older. Throughout history, we have caught glimpses of other versions of ourselves. Better, stronger, smarter versions. And…