Laird Hamilton

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Laird Hamilton



Surfline once wrote: “There is no bigger set of balls in the universe than the pair in Laird Hamilton’s shorts.” Well, no argument here. Whether we’re talking about his co-invention of tow surfing, his epic ride for the ages on the Millenium wave, or his well-deserved reputation as the most accomplished living waterman, Hamilton has repeatedly set and reset the high bar for what’s achievable in the ocean.

Along those lines, using both the Millenium wave and an up-to-know untold story about an amazing day at Jaws as examples, RISE examines how flow has played a significant role in Hamilton’s success, especially as it pertains to his legendary in-the-moment creativity—those jaw-dropping bursts of kinesthetic insight that have allowed Hamilton to emerge unscathed from—as Surfline also wrote—”the most harrowing situations imaginable.”